Flat Roofing Worcester

Rhino Roofing are specialists in the application of build-up felt flat roof systems and have around 20 years experience in this field. We use the best materials available and the most experienced workers to ensure that your roofs are ofthe highest standard. We provide roof repairs and roof replacements for your flat roof to ensure your home is protected.

What Are Felt Roofs?

Felt roofs consist of two or three layers of sheet felt materials that form a dense, voidless and impermeable barrier. Roofing felt is a composite of an absorbent sheet of organic or synthetic fiber that is impregnated/saturated and coated with a waterproofing agent, such as tar or asphaltic bitumen that prevents ingress of moisture.The felt roofing system is built up of multiple layers of high performance felts and mastic asphalt over an insulated timber or concrete flat roof deck. When applied the layers of vapour despersion and control membranes are sealed with graded roofing felts to guarantee a waterproof installation. There are several techniques for applying felt depending on the material used, however felt is generally rolled out over the roof and bonded together by way of hot bitumen or adhesives. These are the sorts of techniques that we use;

 - Pour and roll technique: This is where hot bitumen at 220-240c is poured in front of the felt as it is unrolled along the roof. The hot, sticky and viscous bitumen is poured down the front of the roll so that it covers the whole width of the felt. The bitumen fills voids and when cold it provides a total contact adhesive bond to the layers and it seals joints at the laps.

 Torching-on technique: The torch-on technique uses specifically designed felt that is heated with a gas torch, there is no bonding bitumen required. The technique is generally used for small to medium sized roofs and we at Rhino Roofing also use it for repairs to flat roofs. The application is unsuitable for direct bonding to timber and wood based decks.


Fibreglass flat roofing/GRP roofing

A GRP roof is a single ply glass reinforced plastic, applied on site over a high quality OSB deck. The roof is then finished with pre-formed GRP edges as well as a pigmented (coloured) top-coat that suits the customers' requirements. Flat Roofing can be used in a variety of private, commercial or industrial application including home extensions, garages, dormer bay windows and more. GRP flat Roofing is long-lasting, resistant to weather and looks great on anyt ype of building. We use glass-reinforced plastic as it is an excellent choice of building material for flat roofs due to its versatility and durability.


Rubber roofing/EPDM

 Rubber such as EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer) is renowned for its strength and durability, it is also known to be excellent for its thermal insulation and water resistance. This is also a stable compound with no accompanying odour or fumes that normally characterise rubbers. This is another popular choice for garages, extensions and dormer bay windows. This will last around the same length of time as fibreglass,25 year guarantee.