Roofing Repairs Worcester

Roof repairs and emergency repairs

We can carry out small repairs and remedial work to your property. Protect your property and also insure your roof is in a safe state of repair. Loose tiles are a potential hazard which need to be attended to immediately and a leaking roof, if not attended to, can cause damp problems and increase the damage to your property. We can also attend to any flat roofs and lead work that may need repairing. The same as the roofs we fit, we give a gurantee of 25 years for the chimneys that we fit/repair.

24 hour call out service

We understand that damages to your roof can be caused by severe weather. Storms, snow, strong winds or heat are usually the main types of weather that can cause pieces of your roof to come off which can lead to leaks, broken guttering can be dangerous and interupt the flow of the rain water, a build-up of snow on a roof can cause the roof to collapse in and strong winds can sometimes be strong enough to lift roof tiles off which is hazardous and can also lead to damp problems. Our 24 hour call out service provides you with the relief that we will come and temporarily repair the damages made in a quick, responsive manner to stop your roof from any further damages. It is our aim to get you protected as quick as possible. We will give you a full quote and breakdown of what needs to be done to repair the roof so you know what to expect.

Chimney repairs

Chimneys are the highest point on your roof so they are the structures that are most at risk when there is severe weather. It is so important that your chimney is safe and has a strong structure to avoid malfunctioning of the chimney and to keep it from losing its structure. At Rhino Roofing we offer a wide range of chimney repairs to ensure the structure of your chimney is secure and safe;


Lead flashing Lead flashing is used around the base of chimney structures to prevent water penetrating bricks and to prevent leakages. If for some reason the lead work around your chimney has split or teared, we can repair it to the highest quality. Chimneys are exposed a lot to severe weather so we ensure that the lead work we do is long lasting

BrickworkSometimes when the bricks on a chimney have been exposed to a lot to severe weather, it can damage the brickwork and structure of the chimney. We can carry out a complete rebuild of the chimney to ensure the structure is safer and more stable. 

PointingChimney repointing is used to maintain the chimney as the mortar on the chimney can become cracked and start deteriorating due to the weather. If this happens, water can penetrate the chimneys wall and over a period of time the water can go through freeze-thaw cycles, meaning the water will continously expand and contract which will start deteriorating the structure of the chimney. At Rhino Roofing we will remove the motar that is unsafe and replace it with new mortar to keep your chimney to a safe standard, new mortar will stop water from getting inside the chimney's wall. 

LeaksLeaks can usually happen when the lead flashing has split/cracked, brickwork as deteriorated or the mortar on chimneys have brokedown. We ensure that the standard of our work on chimneys is the best it can be to make sure that your chimney lasts longer and prevents any water from getting in.